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Dymchurch Community

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Dymchurch Village Hall

Dymchurch Village Hall is just off the High Street in Orgarswick Avenue. As you enter Orgarswick Avenue, the village hall and car park are on the left.
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The Village Hall is a Registered Charity No.290817

The village hall hosts many activities, which includes:

Dymchurch Village Hall Pre-school 
  Joyce Button  Telephone Icon 01303 875107
Dymchurch Players
   Diana Wimble  Telephone Icon 01303 873618
Dymchurch Short Mat Bowls
   Brenda  Telephone Icon
01233 720181   
Spanish Classes
   Debby Ashton  Telephone Icon 01303 875542
Art Appreciation
   Andrew Ashton Telephone Icon 01303 875542
Dymchurch Art Society 
   Anne Davey-Mount  Telephone Icon 01303 872049
   Rita Kirk  Telephone Icon 01303 872005
Slimming World
   Sue Norman  Telephone Icon 01303 230756
JBs Dance Studio
   Joyce Welford  Telephone Icon 01843 867097
Red Bandana Country Music Club
   Mrs D Barnes  Telephone Icon 01303 874210
Golden Eagles Country Club
   Mrs Hayes
KCC Art Class

The village hall is available for hire by all local organisations and residents. If you would like to book the hall, then please contact the Lettings Officer Janet:
Telephone icon  01303 872996  Email icon janet947andrew@btinternet.com

Dymchurch Village Hall
Dymchurch Village Hall

Main Hall
Main Hall


Dymchurch Childrens' Centre

Childrens' centres welcome children under five and their families. They can have fun, learn new skills, meet new friends and access services and information. 

Dymchurch Children's' Centre is located in Country's Field in Dymchurch. The centre at Dymchurch offers a wide range of groups and services, including training for parents with onsite crche facilities, weekly singing and music group, messy play activities, advice and support on a range of topics such as starting school, breastfeeding, childcare and lots more.  There are also volunteering opportunities and support for people looking for employment. Drop in for a copy our latest newsletter or you can visit our website.  
  Website Icon location map    Telephone icon  01303 873837   Email icon email

Damian Collins MP

Damian Collins is the MP for Folkestone and Hythe, which includes Dymchurch. Damian was elected in May 2010 as MP and he is also a member of the House of Commons Select Committee for Culture, Media, Sport and the Olympics. He lives in Elham with his wife and children.

You can contact Damian as follows:

    by post: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
    Telephone icon  020 7219 7072 (House of Commons)  01303 253524 (Folkestone)
    Email icon email

For more information about Damian, please visit his Website icon website.

Dymchurch Burial Grounds

There are three separate burial grounds at Dymchurch, all surrounding St Peter and St Pauls Church

  • The cemetery at the front and side of St Peter and St Paul Church is owned and managed by the Diocese of Canterbury.
  • The cemetery at the side of the community hall was owned by Shepway District Council. It was closed as a graveyard some years ago, and the register of interments is now kept at Dymchurch Parish Council.
  • The burial ground at the rear of the Masonic Hall is owned by Dymchurch Parish Council. The burial ground has been full since 2008 and no further spaces are available.
    right arrow Alphabetical listing of Interments at Dymchurch Burial Ground

Dymchurch Parish Council has a Memorial Garden within the burial ground for interment of ashes. There is also a facility to scatter ashes on the rose beds.
right arrow Alphabetical listing of the Interments of Ashes at the Memorial Garden
right arrow Alphabetical listing of the Records of the Old Burial Ground
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Dymchurch Burial Grounds Fees

Kent Fire and Rescue Service

Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) is appealing to residents to make sure their homes, and those of people close to them, are safeguarded. right arrow Safeguard your nearest and dearest from the risk of fire


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