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Kent Police

Emergency and non-emergency telephone numbers
Policing in Dymchurch
Police Crime Maps

Neighbourhood Watch
Emergencies at Sea
Health Emergencies


Emergency and non-emergency telephone numbers

In an emergency
Call 999

You should call 999 when:

  • life is threatened
  • people are injured
  • crime is in progress
  • offenders are nearby

Only call 999 when you need immediate help.

Call 101 (the police new non-emergency number)

You should call 101 for:

  • general enquiries
  • non-urgent crime reporting
  • anti-social behaviour
  • your neighbourhood officer

Examples of non-urgent incidents are:

  • 'My bike has been stolen'
  • 'My car has been vandalised'
  • 'I think I’ve found some stolen property'
  • 'I was in a minor traffic collision yesterday'
  • 'I need to speak to my neighbourhood officer'

Website Icon Find out more about the 101 number.

Calling from outside Kent
Call 01622 690690

Overseas callers and callers from outside Kent can call us on 01622 690690.

112 – European emergency number

112 is the emergency number for countries in the European Union. As a European citizen, you can call 112 to contact the emergency services.

Policing in Dymchurch

    Dymchurch is the responsibility of PC Will Glennie and PCSO Lee Stokes  
    01233 896496   Email Icon email   website icon website

Police Crime Maps

New online crime maps for England and Wales have been launched, allowing users to see which offences have been reported in their local streets. You can search for information on crime and anti-social behaviour by entering a street name or postcode.

   website icon Crime map for Dymchurch

Neighbourhood Watch

What is Neighbourhood Watch?

The object of Neighbourhood Watch is to unite the community and drive away crime and anti-social from a neighbourhood. In today’s society each of us has a vital role to play by actively becoming involved in crime prevention. Informal Neighbourhood Watch schemes have been operational for years; where neighbours look after each others homes while they are away on holiday or in hospital etc. The concept of Neighbourhood Watch is to develop this idea to operate on a wider scale and in co-operation with the local police. 

The idea is to protect each other by letting the police know of anything you see or hear that you consider to be suspicious. Residents possess the local knowledge of their Neighbourhood that the police find hard to achieve. For example, a police officer would not recognise someone in your garden as a stranger, but your neighbour would. It is this kind of awareness and willingness to help each other that is the basis of Neighbourhood Watch.

All that is asked of any resident is that whilst going about their normal day to day activities, such as going to and from work, exercising the dog, taking the children to or from school, shopping etc., that they keep their eyes and ears open for anything suspicious. 

While Neighbourhood Watch belongs to the community and runs itself it works in conjunction with the police and the local authority. Areas where schemes operate have shown a marked reduction in street crimes such as burglary, theft of and from vehicles, damage and anti-social behaviour. The presence of Neighbourhood Watch window stickers and street signs deter potential wrongdoers who are aware there is more chance of their actions being observed and reported.  

We have 5 Neighbourhood Watch coordinators in Greatstone at present. However the police are always on the look out for more. For a chat about setting up a scheme in Greatstone area please contact Paul Brosnan  01233 896126 or Email Icon  paul.brosnan@kent.pnn.police.uk.

Paul Brosnan
Neighbourhood Watch liaison officer
Kent Police

website icon Kent Neighbourhood Watch Website

Emergencies at Sea

If you see someone or a vessel, waterborne craft etc in difficulty in or on the sea then please call 999 and ask for the 'Coastguard'.
If you just have a general enquiry, please call  01303 210008, where you can receive "going afloat" information and advice about the weather, tides etc.

Health Emergencies

If you become aware or a life-threatening situation which requires urgent medical attention, then please call 999 and ask for the 'Ambulance Service'.

If the injury is not life-threatening, the nearest Accident & Emergency department is at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, open 24 hours a day. It is about a 25 minutes drive from St Mary's Bay.  
see map        01233 633331


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