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Dymchurch Parish Council


Spring 2017 Newsletter

Dymchurch Coastal Community Team
Economic Plan


Dymchurch Parish Council Seal


The Parish Council

The Parish of Dymchurch comprises of the village of Dymchurch and its adjacent rural areas.
[see Parish Boundary Map]


The current Parish Council is:

    Cllr Roger Wilkins* Chairman
    Cllr Russell Tillson  Vice-Chairman

    Cllr Richard Blackwell
    Cllr Arron Harvey

    Cllr Denise Meyers
    Cllr Ian Meyers*
    Cllr Merlin Redding
    Shepway District Councillors
    Mrs G Smith
    Parish Clerk
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    contacting the council

At the Annual General Meeting held on Monday 18 May 2015, councillors were elected and appointed to represent the Parish Council in various capacities.

KCC Cllr Martin Whybrow represents Dymchurch at Kent County Council.


Parish Council Offices
Parish Council offices in Orgarswick Avenue


Code of Conduct for Members

In accordance with the Localism Act 2011, this parish council adopted the new Code of Conduct on 6 August 2012. You can read the code here. You can view individual council members Register of Interests here.

Parish Council Meetings

The full Parish Council meets once a month on Monday evenings at 7.00pm in the Parish Council Offices in the council offices at 13 Orgarswick Avenue. There is a public session at the beginning of each meeting.

Minutes of Council Meetings

Minutes of Parish Council meetinga are are available to read, download and/or print from this website in pdf icon.pdf file format. To be able to read, download and/or print pdf icon.pdf files you require a free pdf icon.pdf reader. If you do not have such a reader, you can download one for free, either from Foxit or Adobe.

Council Meetings 2017
Council Meeting 9 January 2017
Council Meeting 6 February 2017
Council Meeting 6 March 2017
Council Meeting 3 April 2017
Annual Parish Meeting 28 April 2017
Annual General Meeting 15 May 2017
Council Meeting 15 May 2017
Council Meeting 5 June 2017
Council Meeting 3 July 2017
Council Meeting 7 August 2017
Council Meeting 4 September 2017

Council Meeting 2 October 2017
Council Meeting 6 November 2017
Council Meeting 4 December 2017

Council Meetings 2016
Council Meeting 11 January 2016
Council Meeting 8 February 2016
Council Meeting 14 March 2016
Council Meeting 11 April 2016
Annual Parish Meeting 6 May 2016
Annual General Meeting 16 May 2016
Council Meeting 16 May 2016
Council Meeting 13 June 2016
Council Meeting 4 July 2016
Council Meeting 1 August 2016
Council Meeting 5 September 2016

Council Meeting 3 October 2016
Council Meeting 7 November 2016
Council Meeting 5 December 2016

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Parish Accounts

Smaller Authorities Transparency Code was introduced on 1 April 2015 and requires the on-line publication of certain information which the Government requests, to provide taxpayers with a clear picture of the authority’s activities and spending. You can view the audited Parish Accounts 2016/17 here and Auditors Report & Certificate.

Dymchurch Beach Advisory Group

There is a Beach Advisory Group comprising of councillors from the Parish Council, officers from the Environment Agency and Shepway District Council, together with other local club’s representatives. The group meet approximately every 8-10 weeks.

Working Groups

The Parish Council has two working groups:
           Asset and Amenities updated 1 Nov 2017
           Planning and Strategy
updated 1 Nov 2017

Dymchurch Coastal Community Team Economic Plan

Dymchurch has been selected as one of the locations receiving support to develop a strategy to underpin future bids to the Coastal Community Fund (CCF) and other sources.

The Dymchurch Coastal Community Team (DCCT), with the support of Regeneris Consulting, has developed an economic plan and action plan to provide a framework for the activities and actions for DCCT in the short and medium term.

The specific outcomes of the strategy are:
     Improve the visitor offer of Dymchurch
     Improve the appearance and perceptions of Dymchurch
     Diversification of the local economy
     Enhance local skills and employment opportunities

Underpinning these objectives is a number of themes which are explored in this strategy. For each theme there is a range of short to medium term actions and projects which will help achieve the overall objectives of the strategy.

As well as the relevant projects, possible funding streams have been identified, along with potential partner organisations that can help deliver the relevant elements of the strategy. To support the primary research, a desktop study has also been carried out.

Read the full Dymchurch Economic Plan

Contacting The Parish Council

You can contact Dymchurch Parish Council as follows:

     Cllr Roger Wilkins Chairman

Mrs G Smith Parish Clerk

          Dymchurch Parish Council
          13 Orgarswick Avenue 
          Romney Marsh
          Kent TN29 ONX  
          The office is open 9.30am to 12.30pm on Monday and Tuesday mornings

          Telephone Icon 01303 872708
          Email icon dymchurchparishcouncil@btconnect.com
          or use the contact form below

          NB Requests for information, where held electronically, will be free of charge. Other formats may be charged
          at cost.

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